Creative. Analytical. Transparent.

This is Platypus Media.

Growth. We love it. Like really love it.

And nothing excites us more than helping businesses grow. We're all about utilising data to help create innovative and profitable Facebook and Google Ads campaigns.

We’re big on honesty and transparency

We believe it builds better relationships. We won’t tell you to spend more if it won’t be profitable. We won’t hide from you when we could’ve done something better. We value our relationships deeply, because working well together is crucial to achieving great performance.

Sarah Robinson - Platypus Media Digital Marketing Agency Gateshead

But we're not for everyone...

Not all working relationships are fairytales so we may not be a match made in heaven if; you’re just getting started and haven’t tested your product/market fit yet, or, you prefer to make decisions on gut feel rather than utilising data.

Our best performance comes working with people who love testing new ideas regularly, value data and the insight it brings, and are looking for long term growth. Sound like you?

Platypus Media - Digital Marketing Agency Gateshead

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